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Auto Glass Replacement

Do you have a broken window that needs replaced? At Preferred AutoGlass we can help!!  Wether it is a door glass, a back glass, vent glass, quarter glass or a windshield we can replace it for you. Auto glass replacement generally takes 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the vehicles part and application.  Upon completion of your replaced auto glass if the part requires glue we  strongly  recommend not driving your vehicle for at least one hour.

Auto Glass Repair

Need to get your stone chip repaired? Wether you are trying to get your vehicle to pass a state inspection or if you are just tired of looking at that annoying stone chip in your windshield, let us repair it for you. Stone chip repairs are cosmetic repairs solely intended to prevent any further damage or spreading of the existing crack.

Stone chip repairs usually take approximately 30 minutes or less depending on the severity of the damage.

Window Regulators and Power Window Motors

Are you having trouble with your door glass windows rolling up or down? Chances are it could be off track or you may have a bad window regulator or power window motor. Let us take a look at the problem you are having and we will diagnose the necessary repairs it needs to get your window operating smoothly and properly as it should.